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Sağlık Bakanlığı Tarafından Yapılan Sağlıkta Kalite Değerlendirmesinde Son 6 Yıldır Mersin'de En Yüksek Puanı Almanın Grurunu Yaşıyoruz.


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Six Baby Happiness in Mersin

Iman Bayasah, a mother of a child living in Idlib, Syria, came to his family, who has been living in Mersin for 7 years, about 2 months ago,...

Six Babies Become the Mascot of Private Yenişehir Hospital

Six babies were born yesterday evening at Private Yenişehir Hospital in Mersin. Performing the operation, Dr. Kamal Aslan in anesthesia for ...

Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports Protocol Signed

A cooperation protocol was signed with Private Yenişehir Hospital in order to enable the personnel of the Youth and Sports Directorate to be...

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