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Sun and Skin

Sun rays, which are the source of life for all living things, especially humans, also have aspects that negatively affect human health. In r...

Jaundice in Newborn Baby

Jaundice in infants is jaundice of the skin and eyes in the newborn period. It occurs as a result of the accumulation of excess bilirubin in...

Do You Know Your Heart?

Although the heart pumps five liters of blood per minute, it takes only 10 percent of this blood for itself and continues its vital function...


Narrowing of the airways is a life-long chronic disease characterized by recurrent coughing and wheezing, which impairs breathing. It is est...

Lung Sarcoidosis

Another cause of shortness of breath: Pulmonary Sarcoidosis. Although asthma and COPD are the most common respiratory system diseases, sarco...

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